Publish an AI Newsletter That Your Audience Will Actually Read.

We help brands publish AI-powered email newsletters that generate 40-60% daily open rates without you writing a single piece of content.

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Powerful. Automated. Personal. supercharges your marketing and communications capabilities, allowing your business to powerfully connect with your audience and convert them into paying customers.

Engage Your Audience on Autopilot
Keep your email list engaged and informed with relevant, timely, and high-quality content curated by our advanced AI, without writing a single piece of content.
Scale Your Subscribers
Organically grow your email list with a customized opt-in funnel that encourages new subscribers to share your newsletter with friends and colleagues.
Convert Your Contacts Into Cash
Gently and authentically sell your products and services through education with embedded ads that drive leads and convert sales.
Automate Content, Save Costs
Quickly scale your content strategy without hiring additional staff or outsourcing to expensive agencies.
Increase Open Rates, Effortlessly
The "Perspective Engine" eliminates click-bait, and negative news, delivering only forward-thinking, positive content that captivates your subscribers and keeps them coming back for more.
Deliver Tailored, Adaptive Content adapts to your audience's interests, refining content curation based on clicks and user behaviors for maximized engagement.

The Future of Email Delivered Today

Get more from your email list. Deliver content that engages and compels your audience into action, conversation, and conversion.

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Newsletters Made Simple

Save time and money with an AI-generated newsletter tailored to your brand’s unique voice and your audience’s content preferences.

Simple Set-Up: Get set-up in minutes or have our team do it for you.

Easy To Use: Publish an email newsletter every week in less than 5 minutes.

Dedicated Support: Friendly human support from start to finish.

“Having the attention of 50% of my email list without lifting a finger is like winning the lottery every day”

Dane Maxwell
Author of Start From Zero

Content Your Audience Will Love

The “perspective engine” delivers only forward-thinking, positive content that captivates your subscribers and keeps them eagerly returning for more.

Adaptive Curation: Your newsletter content is optimized based on how your subscribers interact with it over time. The more they open and click, the more tailored your content becomes.

Branded Voice: seamlessly synthesizes curated content in your unique brand voice, ensuring newsletters sound genuinely crafted by your team.

Positive Focus: Easily filter out the noise of negative content so your audience only receives helpful, insightful, and entertaining content they love.

“Daily’s AI-driven and highly automated solution enables me and my customers to stay on top of technological and scientific developments and trends, laser-focused on my preferences!”

Bert Kastel
Founder of Techtonic Edge

Email Engagement Made Simple

Quickly create an email newsletter by selecting your favorite topics, thought leaders, and sources and will create a branded newsletter your audience will love.

Get More From Your Email List

Maximize the impact of your email marketing with intuitive tools that simplify newsletter creation and distribution for busy entrepreneurs.

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What Others Are Saying About automated email newsletters are trusted by hundreds of brands in over 20 industries. From New York Times best selling authors, to venture capital firms, to local businesses, our platform is proven to save time, increase open rates, and drive sales.

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